Corazon Mining Limited (ASX: CZN) is an Australia-based company exploring and developing the Lynn Lake Nickel-Copper-Cobalt Sulphide Project in Manitoba, Canada, and the Mt Gilmore Cobalt-Copper-Gold Project in N.S.W., Australia. Both are recognised as quality projects with the potential to supply strategic metals to what is forecast to be a major growth sector - the rechargeable battery industry. The recent recovery in the price of nickel has led Corazon to undertake a positive strategic review of its Lynn Lake project, and has provided the opportunity to re-focus and accelerate its exploration and development plans for Lynn Lake.
Lynn Lake in Manitoba, Canada, is a historically significant mining centre with large JORC compliant resources and supporting infrastructure. Corazon has consolidated the entire Lynn Lake nickel camp and is the first company to have control of this vast asset since mine closure in 1976. The nickel-copper-cobalt sulphide deposits at Lynn Lake were mined continuously for 24 years, processing more than 20 million tonnes in that time. Substantial resources and extensive drill defined mineralisation remain within the mining centre. Lynn Lake has been described as one of the best nickel sulphide "brown fields" exploration plays in North America. New exploration techniques and a better understanding of these Ni-Cu-Co sulphide systems has resulted in Corazons discovery of several new areas of mineralisation. With little modern exploration undertaken to date, the opportunity for discovery at Lynn Lake is substantial.
Corazon owns an 80% interest in the Mt Gilmore Copper-Cobalt-Gold Sulphide Project in N.S.W., which is host to the rare, cobalt dominant sulphide Cobalt Ridge deposit – one of Australia's highest-grade cobalt deposits. Corazon's metallurgical testwork on the Cobalt Ridge mineralisation has delivered exceptional, high-grade metal concentrates and cobalt-copper sulphates, suitable for use in rechargeable batteries. Since acquisition in mid-2016, Corazons exploration results have underpinned its belief that Mt Gilmore is prospective for hosting multiple, rare, cobalt-rich sulphide deposits similar to Cobalt Ridge. Recent exploration of the 22km "Mt Gilmore trend" uncovered a major copper-cobalt-silver-gold geochemical trend, potentially representing a district-scale exploration play for large intrusive related copper-cobalt-gold deposits, providing Corazon with a unique early stage copper driven opportunity.

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MD Brett Smith talks to Proactive Investor about Corazon's Lynn Lake Project