Corazon operates through the belief that sustainably developing our international and domestic projects is essential to delivering the company’s core strategy and objectives. Beyond achieving exploration success, we believe that implementing plans to become a more sustainable operator will generate maximum long-term value for Corazon’s shareholders, traditional landowners and the communities in which we operate.


Corazon’s goal of developing projects that will produce high-value green battery metals is planned through practices that protect the natural environment. We work to international environmental standards in conjunction with community members and indigenous stakeholders to ensure we limit our impact while we work towards developing world-class battery metal projects.


Corazon believes in attracting, developing and retaining a diverse, inclusive and competent workforce, and consistently works towards partnering with our local communities and indigenous stakeholders to share value through the creation of local jobs and business opportunities.


Corazon’s board is committed to the principles underpinning best practice in corporate governance, and believes in the aligned provision of benefits for all stakeholders alongside the delivery of profits for shareholders.